Simon Packs On Muscle Mass & Achieves Much More!

I have always been a skinny guy (too skinny according to some girls) but once I hit my 30s I noticed my metabolism started slowing down and a bit of flab appearing on my body. Years of fast food, smoking and minimal exercise had finally caught up with me and I was feeling lethargic and depressed. I wanted to do something about this and a friend recommended seeing Luke. Luke helped me transition into a healthy lifestyle and actually set goals. I threw away the cigarettes almost immediately as I simply didn't crave them once my body was getting fitter. My training program and nutrition was tailored to my specific needs and with those changes my motivation increased dramatically and made me want to achieve my goals even more. Under Luke's guidance I have packed on over 15kg of muscle within 12 months. I am also given direction in what foods I should be eating to maximise my potential as well as what supplements are most beneficial. Being in my mid-30s, I have regained that youthful energy I had as a teenager, feeling better, stronger, fitter and healthier!

Simon Baker