Bursitis Fixed and Back Pain Under Control!

I am a female in my mid – fifties. I suffered from intense back pain due to several bulging discs in my lumbar and cervical area and was hospitalised on two occasions due to severe pain. I also have bursitis in my upper left arm as a result of which I was experiencing unbearable pain. Gradually over last year I was unable to move my arm. I have tried physiotherapy, however this was unsuccessful in improving my condition. After reading an interesting article by Luke regarding strength training, I decided to give it a go. Luke spent time initially communicating to my treating practitioners to attain a greater understanding of my medical conditions and has delivered the results I was looking for. I believe Luke is patient, attentive and carefully gears and monitors the training to meet my needs. After training with Luke for just a few months my bursitis did not cause me any more pain and is much more functional and I can now lift items without going into pain. My back and core muscles have gotten incredibly stronger enabling me to do things I haven’t been able to do for a longtime. I also have more strength in my legs and can easily walk for 8 – 11 kilometers per day which I was unable to do previously due to back pain. I feel the training with Luke has also given me more energy, lifted my mood and made me feel more positive about life.

Geeta Chhatbar