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Attention: Women Over 40 On the Northern Gold Coast

Forget The Latest Challenges. Forget Large Crowded Classes. Forget Restrictive Diets. Forget Hours Of Cardio.


See Below For A New Program That Actually Address’s the Most Common Challenges for Women Over 40!

The most common questions we get from women over 40 are…

Why do I find it harder than previously to get lean and tone up ?

Why have my clothes become easily tighter than they ever used to be?

Why do I constantly feel exhausted, fatigued, lack energy, get hot flashes, suffer poor sleep, binge eat often? And more so since turning 40 ?

And most importantly what can I do about this? The answer is ALOT!

Yes hormone imbalances could be involved and it could be Perimenopause however it’s not always clear that is the case, as Women can start perimenopause at various ages. The positive thing is even if it is Perimenopause ALOT can be done to address those symptoms that come with it…regardless!

Also if already in Menopause there is also ALOT than can be done to address the challenges in those circumstances too! The approach maybe different but can also be very effective.

So, no it doesn’t have to be this way or be just the way it is and settle for that.

Most women we’ve interacted with mention that before being over 40 getting lean wasn’t as difficult. Eating less or going on a diet and doing more exercise always worked a treat. So, what previously worked before 40 did not now and this was their challenge.

Many women we’ve come across say they’ve tried various diets and weight loss methods and yes initially works; however, this progress would rebound in short period of time and clothes would become even tighter than before with unexplained weight gain and diminished muscle tone too.

This may sound familiar…

So how are we different to others ?

We are a boutique fitness studio that specializes in Over 40’s providing results driven programs catering for ALL fitness levels with a much more personal customer service approach in a non-intimidated, non-overcrowded environment with genuine, positive, supportive and motivated like-minded people.

We understand these frustrations and the common Over 40 challenges very well! We realize every person’s situation is different, therefore we provide effective applicable information based on your unique situation.

Hence why our approach at Bullseye Personal Fitness is different.

Being a smaller indoor boutique fitness studio we pride ourselves on delivering the service required to focus on individual’s goals and specific needs over large numbers of members which is not feasible for maximum results. Therefore, we do not just see you as another number to sign you up, forget you with no follow ups and no proper customer service…you deserve much better!

Which introduces our new program PT4 Over 40 which is designed to address these common over 40 challenges…

Our results driven PT4 Over 40 Program being Personal Training for 4 people at once is a customized and tailored approach for your individual needs. PT4 is accompanied with our group training program. Our group training program is also designed more specific for Over 40’s catering for ALL fitness levels.
Being a boutique fitness studio our group training does not consist of large, overcrowded groups because we pride ourselves on ensuring training quality and a more personal service isn’t jeopardized.

The PT4 Over 40 Program and all our programs are based around 6 Key Components.

These 6 key over 40 components address the common over 40 challenges from an overall perspective rather than just training, nutrition and mindset as we know these challenges are unique to each individual’s situation, there’s more to it! This is why our PT4 Over 40 Program adopts a more tailored approach.

Most people we’ve come across over 19 years have said what they were doing before age 40 wasn’t effective now. Let’s face it when over 40, things change…hormones change! The PT4 Over 40 Program addresses this!

The outcome has proven to be better, faster results for long term sustainable lifestyle, NOT just for a few months with quick fix dieting cycles that never last and revert back to square one leading to plummeting energy levels, up and down moods, hot flashes, poor sleep, hormonal imbalances and frustration!!

The 6 key Over 40 components are as follows: 

1️⃣ Approach ALL from a Hormonal Perspective
This is the game changer step for most and where most go wrong when over 40, this is because hormones dictate all. They are the “messengers” in the body and tell your metabolism EXACTLY what to do. And that is where all the magic happens from there!! They tell your metabolism to either “burn” or “store” body fat. They decide whether you will become leaner and tone up….or not.

2️⃣ Foundation Health Check
Getting the right initial tests done to ensure you have an ideal foundation from the start. Then review consistently. This means tests for checking micronutrient (vitamins & minerals) levels. Being nutrient deficient in these from the start can be problematic and hinder progress. Ensuring the right hormone tests are done is super important. Many go wrong here…i.e. not getting all the required thyroid tests done, only the baseline. Depending on hormonal profile, steps of action vary, that’s where customization comes in hence our tailored approach to programs, not everyone is the same.

3️⃣ Flexible Nutrition Approach
Think fueling the body not eating less and less. Eating less and less only depletes the body hindering metabolism and hormones that then cause increase in hunger and cravings. You need the right nutrients to fuel the cells, so your body performs and has an abundance of energy! A flexible nutrition approach involves each meal containing a healthy carbohydrate + fat + protein. However when done properly more flexibility comes in so you can have even MORE of these favorite “naughty” foods and enjoy more of those wines when you have this humming along nicely!

4️⃣ Over 40 – X4 Training Formula
This is an ideal proven over 40 toning up and hormonal fat-loss formula.
Not all training programs are right for everyone. Everyone is different; we are all unique, what is needed for someone may not work as well for another. This is particularly very important when comes to fitness over 40, from our experience too many do generic, general same as everyone else training and not specific enough to themselves or within their own means therefore not getting the progress or results, they desire.

We structure these 4 key training methods into our over 40 programs because they work best…they are:

1. Pure Strength Training or (PST)
This involves performing full body movements to maximize strength (using various weights, bodyweight and so forth). Getting strong is key. Why? When over 40 muscle mass decreases. This is known as Sarcopenia being the gradual loss of muscle mass as we age. The loss of lean muscle mass not only minimizes your chance of burning body fat impacting hormones and metabolism function but also decreases your muscle strength, joints, tendons, bones therefore limiting mobility, making everyday tasks more difficult to perform, therefore a sharp decline in your overall fitness.
The effective hormonal responses from this type of training promotes lean muscle and helps your hormones and metabolism work in your advantage to burn more body fat.

2. Metabolic Resistance Training or (MRT)
This uses a different format and programming sequence to Pure Strength Training exercises.
Involves performing full body functional movements in a circuit format with various programmed rest periods and variables. (using kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, bodyweight and so forth.) Great for training variety with the other 3 training components. Also can accomplish the same hormonal and metabolism response objectives when done correctly.

3. High Intensity Interval training or (HIIT)
This is big in the fitness industry these days but has to be done relevant to the person and within their means to get maximum benefit. Being over 40 & doing HIIT like someone in their 20’s or early 30’s for most people is not the most effective way to train and if done incorrectly can go against the desired hormonal response and hinder progress.

4. Restorative Relaxation Exercise or (RRE)
This is exercise like yoga, walking, various stretching techniques, relaxation leisure activities and so forth. The objective is to relax the body. Ideal for various reasons, such as helping your adrenals and other important stress hormones like cortisol to keep stress levels intact. Including RRE in your program properly can be the key for some depending on their individual situation.

5️⃣ Goal Setting & Accountability Follow Up Systems
Involves setting specific Goals from a lifestyle long term perspective. Then break them down into midterm and shorter-term goals. Very important to have specific review timeframes for all goals. This is the key to not only getting the fastest results but also setting up the foundation to maintain for long term. However this cannot be done without proper accountability systems which our programs are based around, playing a significant role in that customized individual approach we take. We have noticed over time that many give up too soon because they don’t have these systems in place.

6️⃣ The Essential: Over 40 Fastrack results protocol guides
As we do things differently, The Essential: Over 40 Fastrack results protocol guides complement our programs in providing those additional key tools to help address those common over 40 challenges. These are a great foundation resource tool to begin with. Then as we follow up with you and work with you, we can assist more personally in advising further course of action individual to you hence moving towards your goals faster. As a unique boutique fitness studio, we are much more personal in our overall customer service and follow-up systems therefore going much further to assist rather than doing the bare minimum and seeing you as just another number. (These protocol guides are listed below).

So after seeing how we are different, what does this unique PT4 program include ??… 

Personal Training – PT4 (Up to 4 people).
✅ Attend Unlimited Group Sessions per week (Indoors & in Air Conditioning).
✅ Customized training with top professional, helpful coaches with over 19 years’ experience and expertise.
✅ Adopt the Over 40 – X4 Training Formula – the most effective training solution for Over 40’s that caters for ALL fitness levels.
✅ Train the most effective way to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.
✅ Tailored Nutrition guidance.
✅ A Nutrition Plan that is completely customised for your individual goals.
✅ Structure your eating so you can burn the most amount of fat without having to count each calorie.
✅ Personalised Meal plans that include quick, simple but delicious meals.
✅ Meal planning tools.
 ➔ Quick Meal planning Guides x 4.
 ➔ Pre & Post Exercise Nutrition Guide – How to eat around training.
✅ Nutrition Tracking – To ensure your food intake is in accordance to your goals.
 ➔ Food Diary Planner.
 ➔ Food Portion size Cheat sheet.
 ➔ Macronutrients tracking guide.
✅ Metabolism Tracking – We show you how to track and measure your metabolic health and improve it.
✅ Health Tracking – By applying the Health check analysis to help build optimal health.
✅ Progress Tracking – To track your overall results and keep you on track.
✅ Body composition measurements.
✅ Body fat analysis (optional).
✅ Goal setting tools and process.
✅ Proper goal setting and accountability systems – With actual set individual follow ups to provide real customer service and support to keep you on track. With us you’re not just another number!
 ➔ Our Customer support systems and processes are an integral part of our program for how we provide customization to individual needs.
 ➔ Personal goals and strategy sessions to get you on the right path for You from day one!
 ➔ We actually work with you towards your goals… not leave you stranded on your own.
 ➔ Unlimited proper support, accountability & real customer service.
 ➔ Prompt Customer Service, Support and Accountability (Face to Face + Online System).
✅ Be a part of a Community of other like-minded people.
✅ Access to our Exclusive Support and Community Group for additional support – you’re not alone!
✅ Undergo a Complete mind-set switch and take your health & fitness to a new level.
✅ Skyrocket your confidence and energy levels.
✅ Be pushed out of your comfort zone towards your desired outcome.
✅ Re-assurance from professionals with over 19 years that you’re on the right track and having that real service, guidance & support backing you with proper well guided accountability systems.
✅ Full access to The Essential: Over 40 Fastrack results protocol guides that include effective and proven key resources specializing in over 40 that can give you the edge and get you on track fast to your desired goals, these are essential in addressing those common over 40 challenges with actionable steps, complementing with the personal training (PT4) & group fitness programs, these protocol guides are:
 ➔ Hormone Health Overview for Women Over 40: A QuickStart Guide to Balancing Hormones.
 ➔ Master Your Metabolism Over 40.
 ➔ The Stress hormones factor: A key player for managing anxiety, mental health and assist in regulating fat burning for Over 40.

Over the last 19 years we’ve observed firsthand those who face the most common over 40 challenges turn things around and address these problems within 3 months, even quicker depending on their individual situation.
Within 3 months expect to fit into those dresses or outfits you desire and notice muscle tone showing nicely and from there it’s possible to see significant changes in shape and those shrunken stubborn areas nice and firm.

The key to what we do is to get your hormones and metabolism working in your favor to get faster results. This will also allow you to eat more of your favorite “naughty” foods, train less while addressing those common over 40 problems faster and keeping on top of it for long-term lifestyle. It’s actually easier to maintain once you’re there.

From what we’ve observed over time these are the outcomes you can expect from our thorough and unique Over 40 programs…

✅ Getting lean and toning up.
✅ Address any hormonal imbalances.
✅ Manage better those hot flashes, night sweats and brain fog.
✅ Burn body fat from those stubborn areas.
✅ See REAL Results to kickstart your NEW fitness regime in as little as 30 days.
✅ Drop centimeters to fit Into that outfit you’ve been wanting to for some time.
✅ Transform your body to your desired goals.
✅ Supercharge your metabolism.
✅ Align your mind-set for long-term consistency to progress and get desired results.
✅ Boost self-confidence and continue to develop that positive mindset.
✅ Have a Fitness regime that actually suits your lifestyle.
✅ Improve sleep & avoid getting sleepy in the afternoons in particular.
✅ Be free from constantly feeling exhausted, fatigued, lacking energy & feeling flat.
✅ Constantly spark those feel awesome hormones (dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and so on).
✅ Boost your mood consistently and address mood fluctuations.
✅ Be free from food obsession and binge eating.
✅ Boost your energy and not feel tired all the time.
✅ Gain back ALL of your energy with a few simple changes.
✅ Increase your health and fitness.
✅ Correct digestion with no more bloating and constipation.
✅ Improve skin.
✅ Increase libido and attain that desire to jump in the sack with my hubby for you know what!
✅ Attain that desire to jump in the sack with my hubby for you know what!
✅ Breaking through plateaus and sticking points.
✅ Learn how to sustain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Here are just some of the results our members have accomplished…


I was quite surprised in that I didn’t have to do large amounts of exercise to get where I wanted to be. I got to my goal weight and dropped just over the 20 kilogram mark and feel absolutely fantastic.
– Diane Johansson


I have also acquired a very thorough understanding of exercise technique and I believe this along with nutrition has been a key factor in getting the results I was looking for. I ‘am so grateful for these results and it goes to show anything really is possible.
– Harmony McMaster


Making the decision to start personal training with Bullseye Personal Fitness was the best decision I have made in my life. Almost straight away I noticed a difference in my appearance, health, mood, confidence and general well being. I have already lost over 20 kilograms and well on track to achieving my goal.
– Sarah Helling

We are excited and can’t wait to continue roll out this unique program!

This program is different from anything out there, we offer an Overall Bespoke service specializing in over 40 designed to help address the most common over 40 challenges to assist women Over 40 just like you get into the best shape of their life.

Men are welcome too of course, however we have an Over 40 Men’s program in the pipeline too, so please let hubby know : )
This could be a game changer for him too.

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